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【CD25】Chicken Drumstick*25kg (Frozen)



【CD25】Chicken Drumstick*25kg (Frozen)

Quick and light, or slow and savoury, this chicken drumstick product has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a lean source of protein to compliment your healthy restaurant menu or just want an easy way to add some flavour to your signature dishes, this quality guaranteed chicken drumstick is the answer. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, chicken drumsticks are easy to cook with a variety of recipes, making them perfect for bars, pubs, and pizzerias. Marinate, season, or lather it with your own homemade BBQ sauce, this tender meat will be bursting with flavour. This chicken drumstick is minimally processed so you can extract all the flavours and use it for any dish you make.

Product specifications:
Meat type: Chicken
Product name: Drumstick
Leg part: Drumstick
Bones: Bones-in
Total Weight: 25 kg
Price per unit: $NaN / kg
Storage: Keep frozen in storage (< -18 °C).

Product Description

What’s the best snack to go with any meal at your bar, pub, pizzeria, and more? No doubt the customer’s favourite, crispy outside and tender inside chicken drumstick and wings! Fry and coat your chicken drumstick in all kinds of sauce or signature dry rub you can fathom to add texture and flavour. Be it mango habanero, honey garlic, chipotle bbq, lemon pepper, hot sauce, or buffalo seasoning, we are sure that your customers will lick their fingers when they have your chicken drumsticks.

There’s no better way to get the party started at your restaurant than with some crispy, juicy chicken drumsticks. The best part? Your customers can enjoy these tasty appetisers fresh & hot out of the oven, fried on the barbecue, or coated in your favourite signature sauce at your store. No matter how you prepare them, they’re guaranteed to be a customer favourite. But do remember that they should reach an internal temperature of 165℉ / 74℃ before serving to ensure food safety at your restaurant.

Chicken drumstick is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in a diverse range of dishes. One of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen, it is so versatile you can use it for everything from an appetiser to a main course. Not to mention, this protein-rich cut is the perfect way to add flavour and texture to any dish without draining your finances nor compromising quality. This high-quality source of protein cooks up in about an hour. Whether you’re marinating it for dinner dishes or want to season it with your own homemade BBQ sauce for a grilled dish, this fresh, minimally processed, and convenient to use Chicken drumsticks can’t be beat. With many different ways to prepare this product, it’s sure to please everyone; these chicken drumsticks are perfect for any occasion.

Can’t figure out how to flavour the chicken drumsticks on your restaurant’s menu? Don’t worry. Have some inspiration from our sauces & condiments section and mix the hottest flavour for your customers. Also check out our eco-friendly takeout boxes to help you deliver your tasty snacks & dishes to those of your customers who want to enjoy them at home.

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