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【F-BC-BBR22】 Beef Belly Roll 22lb



【F-BC-BBR22】 Beef Belly Roll 22lb

You want something to add to your hotpot, wrap around your enoki mushrooms, top your Vietnamese Phở, or fry up in a stir-fry? Our thinly sliced beef belly roll is perfect for any dish that requires thinly sliced tender meat.

Product specifications:
Meat type: Beef
Product name: Belly Rolls
Weight: 22 lb
Price per unit: $NaN / lb
Storage instructions: Keep frozen in storage (< -18 °C).

Product Description

Rolls of thinly sliced beef that are perfect for wrapping and frying. These beef belly rolls have a great texture that will pair well with your favorite sauce or can be used as part of a hotpot dish.

These beef belly rolls are made of thinly sliced beef, perfect for hotpot. They are slightly fatty for a great texture and taste. With its freshness and high quality, these rolls won’t fall apart when you prepare them for your dishes.

Bring out the fresh umami of the meat with our condiments & sauces for cooking; serve your customer with the best tasting dishes in town.

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