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【F-G&L-BF10】Frozen Basa Fillet 10oz 30LBS (tax free)



【F-G&L-BF10】Frozen Basa Fillet 10oz 30LBS (tax free)

Our frozen basa fish fillets are mild and delicate in flavour with a nice firmness. These popular fillets are skinless and boneless, reducing your preparation time for your best seafood dishes. They’re low in cost but high in protein. With this versatile and easy to work with ingredients, you can create a variety of tasty dishes. Their white meat holds up well to a variety of cooking methods including breading, marinating, spice rubs, or even grilled whole; they will make an unmatched addition to your seafood menu.

Product specifications:
Meat type: Basa Fish
Product name: Frozen Fillet
Unit Weight: 10 oz / fillet
Total Weight: 30 lb
Price per unit: $NaN / lb
Storage: Keep frozen in storage (< -18 °C).

Product Description

Basa fish, also known as swai or bocourti, is a member of the catfish family native to Southeast Asia with an unmatched quality that comes from being caught fresh from the sea. It has a mild and delicate flavour that is perfect for those who are not fans of the stronger tasting fish. They are also lightly treated to retain moisture for freshness. These frozen basa fillets are individually quick frozen to seal in flavour and quality, creating the basis for the delicious seafood entrees at your store. Your customers will love the unmatched quality of this frozen product straight from the sea.

Wondering what you can make with this versatile ingredient? Here are some recommendations from us. Bread these fillets and pan sear them for a light and satisfying entree, or dip them in batter and deep fry them, serving alongside our premium fries to serve your customers some classic fish and chips. You can also circle out its sweet and mild flavour with a citrus marinade and pan fry or bake it in garlic butter for a mouth-watering entree. Don’t limit your creativity here; with the limitless possibility of this basa fish fillet, create delicacies that are sure to become the best-selling dish at your store.

This versatile fish fillet won’t go wrong with the best oil in cooking. Also check out our collection of cooking oil to find the perfect combination for your restaurant.

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