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【LMP-TGS3135】Headless Frozen Raw Tiger Shrimp 31/35 6*3.2lb/case



【LMP-TGS3135】Headless Frozen Raw Tiger Shrimp 31/35 6*3.2lb/case

Frozen headless tiger shrimps are a simple and convenient alternative to fresh shrimps. It offers bolder flavours and firmer texture than pre-cooked shrimp but at a much lower price and with minimal labour-intensive preparation needed. These headless tiger shrimps are ready for use with minimal processing, perfect for creating popular plated entrees like shrimp scampi, shrimp fried rice, or shrimp creole at your seafood restaurants or eateries.

Product specifications:
Product name: Headless Tiger Shrimps
Size: 31-35 shrimps per lb (31/35)
Unit Weight: 3.2 lb / pack
Quantity: 6 packs / case
Total Weight: 19.2 lb
Price per unit: $NaN / kg
Storage: Keep frozen in storage (< -18 °C).

Product Description

These headless tiger shrimps are pleasantly complemented by a variety of dishes, whether it be fried rice, pasta, or even cooked in a sauce. In addition to being fantastic in stir-fries and salads, they also go well with a variety of flavourful ingredients such as parmesan cheese, garlic butter, lemon juice, hot sauce — whatever you make for your customers at your restaurants! These mildly tasting versatile proteins can be incorporated into lunch or dinner dishes with little effort; the possibilities with these tiger shrimps are endless.

Our headless tiger shrimps are available in different sizes from small tiger shrimps to jumbo sizes; no matter what dish you make, our fresh shop has your shrimp needs covered. You can also buy them in wholesale portions to save up for your business. These headless tiger shrimp are easy to stock up on and will be appreciated by your customers for their freshness and consistent high-quality taste.

Looking for rice and pasta to add these tiger shrimps to? Searching for sauces & condiments to marinade these tiger shrimps in? Or being in need of some high-quality oil to fry your shrimp dishes in? You can now find them all at our Facedrive Supply store — your one-stop to cover all your restaurant needs.

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