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【GBC-K3200】#3 Kraft Brown Box 66oz 200s/Cs



【GBC-K3200】#3 Kraft Brown Box 66oz 200s/Cs

The EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box is a recycled kraft paper food container that is microwavable, making it perfect for take-out packaging. This box is leak- and grease-resistant and can hold both hot and cold foods. It’s also disposable and versatile, making it the perfect take-out solution for restaurants and other food establishments.

    • EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box is leak- and grease-resistant thanks to the internal poly-coating.
    • EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box maintains the temperature inside and keeps the food fresh on delivery with the tab-lock flaps on the top. It will hold food of any temperature, whether hot or cold.
    • EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box is disposable and recyclable.
Product specifications:
Product name: #3 Kraft Brown Box
Volume: 66 oz
Quantity: 200 sets / case
Brand: EcoMates
Top dimensions: 8.5″ x 6.25″
Base dimensions: 7.75″ x 5.5″
Height: 2.5″
Paper quality: 337gsm + 15g Polyethylene (PE)

Product Description

The perfect vessel for transporting your takeout. The EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box is made from sturdy and durable kraft paper and has a tab lock and a foldable design, meaning that it is easy to store and will not take up a lot of space in your storage.

The poly-coated interior of this box makes it durable enough to hold up to heavily fried and sauce-soaked foods. Thanks to this, It is also microwavable, leak-resistant, and grease-resistant — so heavy fried foods will not make a mess with this box.

Available in bulk at wholesale price, this paper box will be great for your bakery, restaurant, bistro, or catered event that want to reduce their ecological footprint solution for their disposable food containers.

We all need durable containers for our take-out meals, and this EcoMates #3 Kraft Brown Box is the perfect solution for your restaurant. Not only is it versatile but it is also disposable so you do not have to waste time cleaning up after your customers. The convenient size of this box is perfect for all take-out orders for entrees, sides, desserts, and any other dishes that your restaurant will receive.

Not satisfied with this box? Need more options to cater to your ever-changing restaurant menu? Not a problem! Take a look at our collection of Eco Boxes — our line of recyclable and environmentally friendly food containers tailored to your needs. They come in all varieties of sizes and shapes. We are sure that one of them has to suit your restaurant’s needs. Shop now and get the best boxes for your take-out business without delay.

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