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【LR-JF333】33oz Microwavable 3 Compartment 150 Set/Case



【LR-JF333】33oz Microwavable 3 Compartment 150 Set/Case

Whether your customer orders a caesar salad or a hearty soup at your restaurant, you will find our microwavable rectangular containers the perfect product for you.

  • LR rectangular containers are made with durable materials and a tightly-fitted lid that snaps together for leak-free transportation. This container will keep your food safe until it gets to its destination
  • LR rectangular containers are microwave-safe, as well as dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • LR rectangular containers has a spacious design that provides plenty of room for food storage.
  • LR rectangular containers stack conveniently in your storage and in takeout bags for worry-free storage and transportation.
Product specifications:
Product name: Microwaveable Rectangular Container
Volume: 33 oz
Compartments: 3
Quantity: 150 set / case
Brand: LR
Serial number: JF333
Size: 7.7″ x 9.8″
Height: 0.63″
Color: Transparent
Size: 7.6″ x 9.8″
Height: 1.4″
Color: Black

Product Description

A must-have for every restaurant establishment offering takeout services. These rectangular microwavable containers are perfect for your takeout orders. They are disposable, recyclable, and what is more, they will not break your bank. At a low price, you can now get these containers at 150 pieces per set.

These rectangular containers stack conveniently in your storage and fit nicely onto one another to form a sturdy tower. Not only is it storage-efficient, but its flat top and bottom also ensure easy and secure stacking in takeout bags for worry-free transportation.

Most importantly, the spacious design of these microwavable rectangular containers provides you with plenty of options to pack meals. With three separate compartments in one box, you can now easily arrange sides sandwiches or entrees in one container.

Whether you are packaging food for takeout orders or display, our microwavable rectangular containers will have you covered. A point often overlooked, bundled with the container is a translucent tight-fitting lid which is great for showing off your appealing culinary creations and attracting impulse sales.

Not to mention being microwave-safe, this rectangular takeout container is also dishwasher and freezer safe. Being made of durable heavy-weight plastic also means that it will hold all your hefty dishes without bents and cracks.

These microwavable rectangular containers are easy to clean and deal with once your guests have finished their meals. Throw them into the dishwasher to be reused or throw them into the recyclable bin for recycling as you feel like it. Become the next environmental-friendly takeout business with these leak-resistant, space-saving, sustainable microwavable containers.

Look no further for disposable tableware to complete your takeout orders.

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