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Partnering with farms and manufacturers, FoodsUp offers fresh produce, meat and dairy, seafood and food service supplies tailored to your restaurant’s needs all at your fingertips in our FoodsUp App.

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FoodsUp delivers thousands of different products expanding the range of fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, condiments, beverages, rice and flour, takeout supplies, and many more.  
FoodsUp supplies a large variety of vegetables including Broccolis, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes directly from local farms to your kitchen!
Takout Containers
Including Clamshell Containers, Microwaveable Containers, Kraft Boxes, Sushi Boxes, Pizza Boxes, and Aluminum Foil Trays, we ensure your food remains fresh and presentable from kitchen to customer.
From Canola Oil to Vegetable Oil all at unbeatable prices, along with other cooking oils such as Sunflower Oil, Lard, and Frying Shortening.
From classic Coca-Cola to specialty beverages across the globe, FoodsUP offers over 100+ refreshing choices that cater to your customer's needs.
Find both fresh and frozen poultry products at market-low prices including Chicken Breasts, Chicken Legs, Wings & More. FoodsUP also offers Halal Poultry from certified suppliers.
Beef and Lamb
Shop a large selection of premier frozen beef and lamb cuts—Strip Loin, Brisket, Short Rib, Boneless Leg, Shoulder Meat & More.
Discover the best pork cuts that your restaurant needs. Including Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, Sirloin Buckeye, Boneless Pork Belly etc.
FoodsUP supplies a large variety of vegetables including Broccolis, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes directly from local farms to your kitchen! ”
Frozen Food
Fries, Frozen Vegetables, Seaweed Salads, Spring Rolls and more. Perfect for convenient culinary solutions.
Egg & Dairy
Partnering with Ontario farms, FoodsUP delivers fresh, top-quality Eggs, Cheeses and Yogurt directly to your restaurants.
From everyday essentials such as Salt and Sugar to ethnic spices and sauces, we carry a wide assortment of condiments that will surely deliver the flavour you imagined.
Whether it's Basmati Rice, Sushi Rice or Jasmine Rice, FoodsUP provides an extensive selection of high-quality rice varieties to suit diverse culinary requirements and taste preferences.
FoodsUp carries a variety of flours, such as All-Purpose, Whole Wheat and Cake Flours, catering to your baking and cooking needs.
Packaged Foods
FoodsUP supplies 100+ packaged foods ranging from Dried Nuts and Seaweed, Canned Fruit and Vegetables to Pre-made Noodles and Beancurd catering to your unique business.
Takeout Bags
Available in multiple sizes and materials, including paper & plastic, perfect for any type of delivery or take-out service.
From heavy-duty Plastic Forks and Spoons to Bamboo Chopsticks & Paper Straws, we are here to meet your customers' needs.
Cleaning Supplies
From Gloves to Bleach, we provide everything you need to maintain a clean and hygienic dining environment.
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All products’ prices at FoodsUp  are clearly labeled for every customer to view at all times. We ensure that there is no price discrimination - every customer gets the same price and the best price in the market.
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Our Service Area
FoodsUp proudly operates two warehouses, strategically situated in Ontario and Quebec. This placement enables us to efficiently serve more than 45 cities and over 8,500 restaurants across these regions. Our warehouses, combined with our extensive truck fleet, ensure next-day delivery for all our customers, guaranteeing fast and reliable service every time.
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FoodsUp’s Ontario warehouse, located in Scarborough, boasts an impressive 130,000 square feet of storage space, including a specialized 11,000-square-foot area dedicated to frozen storage.
With the facility to hold over 150,000 boxes of products, our warehouse is well-prepared to accommodate a significant increase in product assortment in the future, ensuring we are ready to meet your demands.
We offer Next-Day delivery within a 250-kilometer radius of our warehouse. The Self-Pickup option is also available at our warehouse.
FoodsUp's Quebec warehouse, operational since September 2023, currently encompasses 60,000 square feet. Looking ahead to May 2024, we anticipate expanding with an additional 12,000 square feet of frozen storage.
This expansion will significantly enhance the warehouse's capacity to store perishable goods, particularly frozen products and allow us to better accommodate our customers' diverse needs.
What Our Fantastic Clients Say
We place huge value on strong relationships and have been the benefit they bring to our business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.
Like having a farmers market at your
“I was hesitant about ordering online for my restaurant, but FoodsUp won me over. Their meat and vegetables are always of good quality and delivered with care. It's like having a farmers market at your fingertips! ”
Halibut House
3 days ago
Free next day delivery options
“I love FoodsUp’s free next day delivery options. Combined with their intuitive app design, they saved me a lot of time on ingredient shopping. Thumbs up for their excellent services.”
Kothur Indian Cuisine
3 days ago
High-quality, affordable products
“Throughout this wonderful partnership, FoodsUp has provided us with high quality, affordable products, along with fabulous aftersales service. We look forward to a lasting and prosperous collaboration with FoodsUp.”
Liuyishou Fondue Montreal
1 month ago
Competitive prices, with swift delivery
“They consistently offer products of high quality at competitive prices, with swift delivery, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring both the quality and quantity of their products meet our expectations.”
Le petit coin dumpling
3 weeks ago