Return policy

1. Can I return the products if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, you can.

To return one or more items from an order, all of the following conditions must be met:

1)Items must be in their original, salable condition & packaging free of markings or damage.

2)Items must be returned with the original delivery box containing the white label QR indicating the order number that matches the products.

Dry goods: can be returned within 15 days after receiving.

Dry goods refer to:

1. Rice, flour & cooking oil

2. Condiments (seasonings & sauces) & packaged food

3. Containers, lunch boxes, paper products, bags, utensil

4. Beverages

5. Cleaning supplies & etc.

Fresh products: you need to inspect all fresh products on the spot upon receiving thoroughly and contact customer service within 24 hours to submit a request for a Return Authorization.

Fresh products refer to:

1. Meat & seafood

2. Vegetables & fruits

3. Fresh noodles, fries & frozen products

4. Dairy products

We offer a lenient return policy to provide customers with an easy and convenient purchasing experience. If you are consistently finding products to be unsatisfactory, please contact our customer service.

Frequent returns made from the same account will automatically be flagged in our system. If we notice that our return policy is being abused, we may take action in the form of blocking an account and/or cancelling future orders.

FoodsUp reserves the right to reject returns which do not comply with our Return Policy. Returns that do not respect the policy may be sent back to the original address.

For more information, please contact our customer service +1 437-886-7845.

2. What reasons are acceptable for returns?

Fresh products: are accepted only in the case of product quality issues or delivery-related problems.

Dry goods: should be related to product quality, size, delivery issues, or payment problems.

3. How do I submit a Return Authorization request?

Please reach out to our customer service within the specified notice period and provide images of the returned products along with the delivery box.

Our customer service team will then provide you with a return application form to fill out.

Once the product is returned, our team will inspect its condition, and a prompt refund will be processed if the return is approved.

4. What are the refund options?

You may:

  • Accept an equivalent value of coupons/points that can be used for your next purchase, or
  • Accept a refund via email money transfer (EMT).
5. When will I receive the refund?

Coupons: will be issued within 3-5 business days.

Email money transfer (EMT): will be issued within 7 business days.